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Urology Surgery Center Patient Reviews

July 2018 Patient Survey Comments
  • Excellent care by all!
  • Dr. Rogers, Jane, Katie, Laura were all very professional and friendly. Made you feel like you were in “good hands”. (Family kept informed of my condition) – Not told when I went into recovery.
  • Can’t remember her name – long dark hair, she is left handed… Very sweet, kind – she said she had been there about 2 years. Lauren in recovery same thing – very kind, helpful, explained everything. Everyone was great. Thank you for caring.
  • Dr. Hassan is always timely and exhibits a sense of urgency when needed. All of the clinical staff was exceptional. Thank you for the great care and compassion.
  • Pleased with all care and everyone.
  • Nurse Lauren N. was very professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and personable. Great asset.
  • Excellent job today!! My admissions nurse and recovery nurses were excellent. Everyone was good. They were very caring and made me feel like I was important to them and they individualized my care. I didn’t feel like I was just another patient on an assembly line. They all seemed knowledgeable and worked together well.
  • All of the employees were excellent!
  • 1. Jessica – great nurse, 2. Anesthesia – Dr. did a great job with IV insertion. 3. Dr. Hassan is awesome
  • All of the employees were excellent!
  • It was right on time. Went back exactly on time. Surgery started at the time they told me. Everyone was awesome, very friendly and they always made sure I was comfortable.
August 2018 Patient Survey Comments
  • Dr. Hill is always gracious and informative. Lauren and Taylor gave attentive care.
  • Everyone who worked with me eased my anxiety and were great!
  • Shana and Megan are very professional.
  • All employees were wonderful! This center was a blessing to us! What a wonderful staff and environment!
  • All nurses were nice and caring. Good staff. Pleasant environment.
  • Nurses and doctors performance was great.
  • All were commendable, courteous, and professional.