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In the US, approximately 65 percent of newborns undergo elective circumcision within a day or two of birth. These procedures are performed for religious reasons or because of cultural traditions, however, they are not medically necessary. In some cases, men who were not circumcised as infants decide that they want to have the procedure in adulthood. If you wish to become circumcised, the first step is to make an appointment with a urologist.

From a urology perspective, adult circumcision is usually not necessary. Some men have difficulty with foreskin retraction or experience chronic inflammation of the tip of the penis that can be relieved through circumcision but can often also be managed with changes in hygiene habits. When these non-invasive methods are not effective, a urologist may then recommend a circumcision. In other cases, circumcision offers no medical benefits, other than a slightly lower risk of UTIs.

If you’re experiencing sexual dysfunction in Nashville, from erectile dysfunction to low libido, help is available at Urology Associates. Talk to a urologist about common sense treatments for your sexual health by scheduling a consultation at 888-656-0667.