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Doctor taking with patient

Peyronie’s disease is a painful condition that can have significant impacts on sexual health and relationships for men. If you are suffering from this condition, make an appointment with a urologist. Treatments are available that can improve your symptoms and provide relief from the stress that often accompanies Peyronie’s disease. Here is a closer look at the condition and what treatments are available.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a condition in which fibrous tissue inside of the penis causes it to curve during erections. This curvature is often extremely painful and can make it impossible to have sexual intercourse. The exact causes are not known. In some cases, injuries to the penis can cause the growth of fibrous scar tissue that does not stretch during erections as healthy tissue does. For some men, the causes of Peyronie’s disease are not known. Doctors suspect that a hereditary component may be involved, but the research as yet is inconclusive.

What Are the Symptoms?

Often, men with Peyronie’s disease can feel lumps of scar tissue under the skin of the penis. During erections, there will be a noticeable bend in the penis, or it may take on a narrowing or hourglass shape. Peyronie’s disease can also cause erectile dysfunction and intense pain during erections. In response to these symptoms, it is common for men with Peyronie’s disease to experience anxiety or depression related to their sexual health.

What Treatments Are Available?

In some men, Peyronie’s disease resolves on its own with any treatment. Medications to reduce scar tissue formation and relax the curvature of the penis are available through injections, and topical or oral medications. Surgery, including penile implants and grafting, can also help to reduce Peyronie’s disease symptoms.

At Urology Associates, our urology specialists treat a range of sexual dysfunction issues in both men and women. If you are suffering from Peyronie’s disease or another condition that prevents you from having healthy sexual relationships, call us today at 888-656-0667 to make an appointment with a urologist in Nashville.