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Female Doctor taking with patient

When it comes to sexual health for women, low libido is not an uncommon problem. The sexual response cycle requires both psychological and physical stimulation, and it can be affected by many issues. The following are a few potential causes of low libido in women:

Having Certain Physical Conditions

There is a wide range of health problems that can lead a woman to experience low libido. For example, natural hormonal changes caused by being pregnant, your menstrual cycle, taking birth control, and experiencing menopause can all impact your sexual response. Also, some medical conditions, like endometriosis, diabetes, and anything that causes you to feel sexual dysfunction or discomfort during sex, can also result in low sexual responsiveness.

Drinking Alcohol

While it’s not uncommon for women to view a glass of wine as a way to feel more relaxed and willing to be intimate, it may actually have a negative impact on one’s libido. For both men and women, regularly consuming alcohol over an extended period can reduce the body’s sexual response. Some women may experience increased libido by planning to spend time with their partner without the involvement of alcohol.

Being Anxious

Many people already know that regularly experiencing anxiety can have a negative impact on their health. However, some women do not realize that being anxious can also affect their sex drive. Sexual arousal is a natural process, so when you are anxious, stressed, or distracted, then you may find it difficult to enjoy yourself physically.

Feeling Depressed

Feelings of depression are a common cause of low libido in women. When a person is depressed, this often coincides with imbalances in their hormones. Your hormones play a critical role in your sexual response cycle so if you are suffering from depression, addressing this condition may improve your libido.

Are you a woman who is struggling with symptoms of low libido in Nashville? If so, then Urology Associates, P.C. may be able to diagnose the cause and treat your symptoms. To schedule a consultation with one of our compassionate urologists, please give us a call today at 888-656-0667.