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Happy Couple

If you or your partner is experiencing sexual health issues, such as erectile dysfunction or low libido, communication is an essential part of overcoming them. It’s not always easy to begin a conversation about sexual health, but it’s important for your relationship to have an open and ongoing dialogue with your partner about issues you may both be experiencing. These tips for discussing sexual health can help you start the conversation.

Pick the Right Time and Place

Because sexual health can be a sensitive topic, choose the time and place of your conversation wisely. Pick a time when you and your partner can sit together without distractions and aren’t rushed. Have your conversation in a private place, where both of you can feel comfortable talking about the issues openly and honestly. Avoid starting the conversation before work, when you have someplace to be, or otherwise have obligations that could interfere with your ability to talk for as long as you need to.

Be Direct

Be direct with your partner about your concerns about your sexual health and how it is or could affect your relationship. If you have been diagnosed with a problem with your urologist, it can help to explain your condition and even give your partner materials your doctor may have provided to help you understand it. If your partner is the one experiencing the issue, ask any questions you may have an offer to research the answers together. The more informed both of you are about the issues, the better equipped you will be to face them together.

Talk About Treatments

Help your partner understand the treatment options available for the sexual health issue you are experiencing, or ask questions about the treatments he or she is considering. In many cases, partner involvement in treatments can be helpful. In all cases, having the support of your partner when dealing with sexual health issues is important.

Your urologist at Urology Associates P.C. can help you prepare for your conversation about sexual health by equipping you with the information you need. If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction in Tennessee, make an appointment with a urologist today by calling 888-656-0667.