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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but women need to be vigilant about their breast health all year long. Although breast cancer is a significant risk—one in eight women will get it –early detection saves lives. A cornerstone of breast cancer detection is monthly breast self-exams. By checking your own breasts each month for lumps, you can increase your chances of getting diagnosed early if cancer does occur. If you’re not sure how to perform an exam, ask your doctor for advice. Learn more about breast cancer in this Infographic from Urology Associates, P.C. We provide sexual health and cancer treatment in Nashville, as well as care for a range of other conditions, including urinary tract infections, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. At your next appointment, ask your doctor about your breast cancer risk and steps you can take to protect your health. Please share this important information with all of the women in your life to help them take control of their own cancer risks.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Get the Facts [Infographic]