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Thousands of men visit a urologist because of testicular pain. In some cases, the pain is caused by a debilitating condition called chronic testicular pain, or CTP. CTP ranges from mild to severe and can interfere with everyday activities. If you believe you could be suffering from CTP, your urologist can provide treatments to ease your symptoms and help you enjoy a better quality of life. Here is what you need to know about this painful condition.

CTP May Be Constant or Intermittent.

The discomfort associated with CTP may be constant in some men, while others have pain that comes and goes. The distinguishing factor between CTP and other types of testicular pain is that CTP persists for three months or more. Some men may have a sudden onset of pain that is eventually diagnosed as CTP, while others have pain that develops gradually.

Symptoms of CTP Can Vary.

Some men with CTP have symptoms all the time, but other men only have discomfort during activities. The pain can feel like aching and pressure or burning and throbbing, and may also spread to the lower back and upper thighs. The pain can appear in one or both testicles and may switch from side to side. In some men, the pain is accompanied by swelling, fever, painful urination, painful intercourse or ejaculation, and bloody urine. Nausea and vomiting are also possible.

Several Treatment Options Are Available.

If you are diagnosed with CTP, the first thing your urologist will do is try to pinpoint the cause. Trauma, infections, hernias, cysts, and torsion are all potential causes of CTP, though in some cases, the cause is unknown. If your urologist does find a cause, treating the underlying issue can often resolve the CTP. Medications and surgery may be necessary to treat CTP.

Visit Urology Associates, P.C. for diagnosis and treatment any time you experience testicular pain. Our doctors provide comprehensive care for CTP, sexual health issues including erectile dysfunction, and testicular cancer in Tennessee. To make your appointment, call 888-656-0667.