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Kidney stones are a common and very painful health problem. Previously, treatment for kidney stones consisted of open surgery, which required a long recovery time. However, as you’ll learn by watching this video, there have been several advances in the urology field over the past few decades.

This video features Dr. Charles Eckstein of Urology Associates, P.C. This urologist explains three treatment options available to patients, including a percutaneous nephrostomy, which involves making a small incision in the back and guiding a needle into the kidney. Then, a scope is passed into the kidney to remove the stone. The other treatment options are shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy.

Urology Associates P.C. provides the latest options for kidney stone treatment in Nashville as part of our comprehensive range of urology services. We encourage patients who are anticipating urology surgery to download our informational brochure on surgical procedures.