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Prostatitis Nashville

Prostatitis is a general term that describes the inflammation of the prostate gland. As a result of inflammation, men may experience painful urination and ejaculation, and/or increased urgency and frequency of urination. Without treatment, these symptoms may become chronic and recurring, so it is important to speak with a doctor when symptoms are present.

In some cases, prostatitis may be the result of a bacterial infection, though there may be other causes such as parasites, chemical irritation, or nerve damage in the lower urinary tract. An estimated 50% of men will experience prostatitis in their lifetimes, and this condition is a leading cause of visits to the urologist among young and middle-aged men.

Under the care of Urology Associates P.C., you can find treatment for your prostate-related symptoms along with treatment for a number of other conditions affecting the genitourinary system. You can schedule a consultation with any member of our team of 34 Nashville urologists listed on our website or at 888-656-0667.