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High-intensity focal ultrasound (HIFU) is an emerging treatment for prostate cancer. As the name suggests, it involves directing high-frequency sound waves at the tumor. The sound waves generate heat, which destroys the cancer cells. You can learn more about HIFU by watching this featured interview with a urologist at Urology Associates, P.C.

Dr. Robert Barnett explains the basics of how HIFU works to treat prostate cancer. Clinical research demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of this treatment and it is currently available at the Urology Surgery Center. Only a select group of urologists perform this procedure and includes Dr. J. Matthew Hassan and Dr. Charles Eckstein.

The compassionate doctors and support staff at Urology Associates, P.C. go the extra mile to connect our patients in Nashville with prostate cancer treatments that are right for them. Contact us at 888-656-0667 with your questions about our urology services.