The Advanced Therapeutics Center (ATC) of Urology Associates

The Advanced Therapeutics Center is focused on delivering high quality care utilizing cutting edge therapies that will be complimentary with the medicines already delivered by your care team. We work as a dedicated and specialized team of physicians and care providers that focus on administering these complex and newer treatments. Unfortunately at times, some cancers progress despite standard regimens. In certain cases, we can offer clinical trials as an option to those who are eligible with certain cancer types. These are all performed under the watchful supervision of our staff and should not be considered experimental as many times the agents are already approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

In addition to cancer therapies for advanced disease, we also help monitor and manage the side effects brought on by some of these agents to minimize their impact on your quality of life. In order to improve patient access, we administer mobile specialty clinics focusing on Men’s Health and on Bone Health.