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Doctor taking with patient

The epididymis is the small tube that transfers sperm from the testicles to the vas deferens. This structure can become inflamed, which is a condition known as epididymitis. Men with acute or sudden onset epididymitis generally suffer from symptoms that are more severe than those associated with chronic epididymitis. If you suspect you may have this sexual health problem, be sure to tell your urologist about all of your symptoms and when they first began.

Your list of symptoms may include pain in your abdominal region, urethra, and testicles. The scrotum may be tender and swollen. It may also look reddened and feel warm to the touch. Men with acute epididymitis often experience frequent or urgent urination. They may even have a painful, burning sensation during urination, and some men can develop a fever.

Epididymitis is just one of the conditions we can treat at Urology Associates, P.C. If you’ve been referred for possible epididymitis, impotence, or other sexual health problems, you can call our offices at 888-656-0667.