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Some doctors are primary care physicians, while others are specialists. A urologist is a specialist who diagnoses and treats diseases and disorders of the urinary tract in both male and female patients. Urologists also treat medical conditions of the male reproductive organs. Urology is a surgical specialty. However, a urologist receives in-depth training across a broad range of areas, including internal medicine and gynecology. There are also subspecialties within the field of urology, including pediatric urology, male infertility, female urology, and urologic oncology (Prostate Cancer, Bladder Cancer, and Testicular Cancer).

This last subspecialty deals with cancers of the urinary tract such as bladder cancer, in addition to reproductive cancers such as testicular cancer.

Urologists evaluate and treat the many structures that make up the urinary tract and reproductive system. These include the kidneys, the prostate, adrenal glands, ureters, urethra, bladder, and seminal vesicles. Urologists address conditions such as bladder prolapse, urinary incontinence, enlarged prostate, and prostatitis. They also perform surgeries to remove kidney stones, a common problem of the urinary tract. In addition to surgical procedures, urologists can treat conditions with medical management.

If you’re looking for a urologist in Nashville, call Urology Associates, P.C. at 888-656-0667. Our urology practice treats a broad range of conditions, including kidney stones, urinary incontinence, and certain cancers.